Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series



IKOLinear Way F is a linear motion rolling guide, featuring a wide track rail along which a highly rigid slide unit performs endless linear motion. A large number of large diameter steel balls are incorporated in two rows and in four point contact with the raceways, so stable high accuracy and rigidity can be obtained in operations even under fluctuating loads with changing direction and magnitude or complex loads. Being a wide rail type, it can support a large moment load acting around the axial direction, and it is also suitable for single row rail arrangement.


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Product Features

Wide structure
Because the distance between the load points under a moment load is large, this guide has high load capacity under moment load and complex load.
Flange type and block type
Three types of slide units are available; two flange types of different dimension series and one block type with a narrower width.
Stainless steel type
The stainless steel type has excellent corrosion resistance and is most suitable for machines and equipment used in clean environments, for example, medical equipment, disk read devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Linear Way F includes interchangeable specification products. The dimensions of slide units and track rails of this specification are individually controlled, so that the slide units and track rails can be combined, added or exchanged freely.
Good load balance
Owing to the simple two row design, large diameter steel balls are incorporated to receive loads in all directions with high load ratings.
High rigidity
Steel balls are arranged in four point contact with the raceways in a highly rigid casing, and they are tightly held in their position without play. So high rigidity in all directions is obtained.