Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series



IKOLinear Way U is a linear motion rolling guide featuring a track rail with a U-shaped cross section. Raceways are provided on the inside surface of the track rail, and a slide unit mounted inside the track rail travels along the raceways. The U-shaped track rail has much higher rigidity as compared with the track rail with a rectangular cross section, especially under moment and torsion. Therefore, in addition to the conventional way of fastening a track rail on a mounting base, it can be used by itself as a structural member of machines and equipment, in a cantilever position or being supported at both ends.


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Product Features

U-shaped Track Rail
By adopting a newly developed U-shaped track rail, the rigidity of the track rail under moment load and torsion is greatly increased. Track rails can be held on one side or both sides and also used as a structural beam of machines or equipment. Therefore, freedom of design is expanded for users.
High accuracy / high rigidity
Thanks to the slide unit where large diameter steel balls are placed in 2 rows and contact with the raceway at 4 points, stable and high accuracy and rigidity can be achieved even in applications where loads with variable direction and size or complex loads are applied.
Compact shape with low profile
Because the slide unit and track rail have a compact shape with a minimized sectional height, design flexibility of peripheral equipment such as drive mechanisms will be improved, and the product will contribute to compactization of machines and devices.
Ball retained type
The ball retention type slide unit incorporates the ball retaining band, which prevents the ball from dropping down when the slide unit is removed from the track rail, making it easy to handle.
Additional processing according to usages is possible
Additional processing to track rails is possible, allowing peripheral equipment such as drive mechanisms to be directly fixed to track rails. (* Additional processing is not possible around the way of track rail. For detailed information about additional processing range, please contact IKO.)