Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO Linear Roller Way Super X LRX

IKO Linear Roller Way Super X LRX

IKOLinear Roller Way Super X is a high performance roller type linear motion rolling guide, featuring high reliability, high rigidity, high accuracy, and smooth motion. Four rows of cylindrical rollers are incorporated in a highly rigid casing with good balance, and the cylindrical rollers in each row are arranged in parallel to each other. Owing to its minimal elastic deformation, stable operation is ensured even under heavy or fluctuating loads. This series is also suitable for applications with vibration and shocks. Various models and sizes are available to meet requirements in each application.


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Some products are not shown in the catalogue. Also, modifications can be made to meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to make inquiries.

Product Features

Linear Roller Way Super X includes interchangeable specification products. The dimensions of slide units and track rails of this specification are individually controlled, so that the slide units and track rails can be combined, added or exchanged freely.
Length of slide unit
Four types of slide unit length, Short, Standard, High rigidity long, and Extra high rigidity long type with the same sectional dimensions are available for selection suitable for each application.
Flange type and block type
Slide units are available in two different sectional shapes: the flange type for mounting from both upper and lower sides and the block type with a narrow width.
Dimensional interchangeability with the ball type
The mounting dimensions are the same as those of ball type Linear Way H. So this guide can replace the ball type with little modifications of machines or equipment.
Stainless steel type
The stainless steel type has excellent corrosion resistance, and is best suited for machines and equipment used in clean environments, for example, medical equipment and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment.


Shape of slide unit Unit Length Model Size
10 12 15 20 25 30 35 45 55 65 85 100
Flange type mounting from top / bottom LRX Short LRXC - - -
Standard LRX - -
Long LRXG -
Extra long LRXL - - - - - - - - - - -
Block type mounting from top LRXD Short LRXDC - - -
Standard LRXD
Long LRXDG - -
Extra long LRXDL - - - - - - - - - - -
Compact block type mounting from top LRXS Short LRXSC - - - - - - - -
Standard LRXS - - - - - - - -
Long LRXSG - - - - - - - -
* Those with have a stainless steel type.
(Note) For LRXD10, only stainless steel products are available.

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