Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO Linear Ball Spline G LSAG

IKO Linear Ball Spline G LSAG

IKOLinear Ball Spline G is a linear motion rolling guide which achieves endless linear motion of an external cylinder along a spline shaft. Two rows of steel balls are arranged in four point contact with the raceways. Stable high accuracy and rigidity are ensured in operations even under fluctuating loads with changing direction and magnitude or complex loads. Owing to its simple design, this product is very compact.


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Product Features

Linear Ball Spline G includes interchangeable specification products. The dimensions of external cylinders and spline shafts of this specification are individually controlled, so that the external cylinders and spline shafts can be combined, added or exchanged freely.
Standard type and flange type
External cylinders are available in two different shapes: the standard type (cylindrical shape) and the flange type.
Length of external cylinder
External cylinders of both standard type and flange type are available in two different lengths: standard and high rigidity long. They can be selected for wide applications.
Solid shaft and hollow shaft
Two types of spline shaft, the solid shaft and the hollow shaft are available for selection suitable for each application.