Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Unit CRWUG

IKO Anti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Unit CRWUG

IKOAnti-Creep Cage Crossed Roller Way Unit is the products with a cage creep proof function using a rack and pinion mechanism originated from IKO Crossed Roller Way, featuring smooth linear motion with super high accuracy.


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Product Features

Solves cage creep issue
The product completely prevents cage creep with its uniquely designed built-in rack and pinion mechanism. This series is reliable for applications such as vertical axis use where the Crossed Roller Way might have had chances of cage creep. Because there is no cage creep even at high speed operation, no remedial motion of cage is necessary even in long term operation.
Interchangeable in Mounting Dimensions
Adoption of original structure with a rack arranged inside the way provides complete mounting dimension compatibility with conventional Crossed Roller Way Units. Since they have the same outside dimensions as those of existing Crossed Roller Way Units, they can be replaced without any mounting dimension modification.
Smooth and Extremely-High Accurate Operation
Combination of precisely finished raceways and non-recirculating type linear motion rolling guide with super high precision rollers provides superbly smooth motion with very high accuracy. Extremely high running accuracy can be achieved without running deflection by recirculating type linear motion rolling guide. Improvement of precision positioning accuracy and superior following capability for micro-feeding command can be expected because of the linear motion without stick-slip by extremely small frictional resistance.