Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO Precision Linear Slide BSP/BSPG/BSR

IKO Precision Linear Slide Unit BSP/BSPG/BSR

IKOPrecision Linear Slide is a light weight and compact linear motion rolling guide, comprising a U-shaped table (or slide unit race) and bed (or track rail) made from stainless steel sheet by precision forming. The raceway grooves are accurately ground on the table (or slide unit race) and bed (or track rail). Precision Linear Slide features high performance and durability, making this series suitable for measuring equipment, disk drives, IC manufacturing and inspection devices, etc. Wide variations in performance and size are available for selections suitable for each application.


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Product Features

Superior corrosion resistance
The balls, table, bed and other steel components are made of stainless steel. So this series is superior in corrosion resistance and most suitable for use in clean rooms.
Quiet and smooth motion
The advanced design of ball retainers and circulators combined with precise grinding of raceways minimizes noise and gives smooth motion with low frictional resistance. So superior positioning accuracy and response can be obtained during operation even for a very small feed motion.
High safety
All organic components are made of nonflammable or self-extinguishing materials. So this series may be used in home appliances and office equipment.
Light weight and compact
A simple structural design minimizes the number of components, offering reduced size and weight of sliding members in machines and equipment.
Stable performance
The steel balls are arranged in two rows with each ball contacting the raceways at four points. So stable load capacity is assured for loads in all directions. In addition, the simple design minimizes errors in manufacturing and assembly, ensuring high operating accuracy.