Linear Motion Rolling Guide Series

IKO Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushings STSI

IKO Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushing STSI

IKOMiniature Stroke Rotary Bushing is a very compact linear motion rolling guide with small diameter and low sectional height. It is able to achieve both rotary and linear motion at the same time. Since Miniature Stroke Rotary Bushing is extremely small in size and features high accuracy and low frictional resistance, it is suitable for applications which require compact size with high accuracy such as measuring instruments, IC manufacturing machines and precision equipment.


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Product Features

Rotary and linear motion
Steel balls held in a retainer are assembled into an outer ring having a cylindrical raceway on the inside, so linear motion as well as rotary movement can be achieved.
Extremely accurate
The outer ring and shaft are precisely super-finished after heat treatment. The assembled set, which consists of an outer ring, shaft and very precise steel balls held in a retainer, is set to zero or minimal preload. So extremely accurate operation can be achieved both in rotary and linear motion.
Extremely compact size
Very small diameter steel balls are assembled in a very thin walled outer ring. So the assembled set is extremely compact in sectional height.
Very smooth movement
All parts are precisely finished and assembled to obtain an optimal preload. This series offers very smooth and stable movement as well as high accuracy with low frictional resistance.