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IKO Stroke Ball Spline

The advent of Compact Ball Spline that realizes extremely smooth straight line movement!!


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Product Features

IKO Liner Ball Spline G LSAG that boasts overwhelming market share in semiconductor / liquid crystal related equipment used under operating conditions of high speed, high acceleration and deceleration. The finite stroke type has made its debut!
Extremely smooth sliding is realized.
By building in a high accuracy holder to the finite stroke type that has no resistance against steel ball circulation, variations in the sliding resistance value is made extremely minimal, and a light and smooth sliding is realized even in case it is used for vertical axis.

Although the Design is Compact, it boasts High Rigidity and High Accuracy
Since it adopts a structure in which steel balls of large diameters are arranged in two rows, and are made to come into contact with the track at 4 points, while it realizes small compact size of the outer cylinder outside diameter against the axial diameter, it exhibits high rigidity in all directions.
Since a suitable preload is added, there is no gap in the rotating direction, and an accurate positioning is possible.

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