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IKO C-Lube Linear Way MLV MLV

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MLV MLV

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MLV is a small-size linear motion rolling guide utilizing simple four-points contact in two-row raceways structure. Long term maintenance free is achieved by using the built-in lubrication part.


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Product Features

Maintenance free
Since the lubrication oil inside C-Lube maintains the lubrication performance for a long time, it reduces the annoying lubricating management works.
Light weight and compact
Super small-size achieved by simple four-points contact in two-row raceways structure and original small sizing technology.
Smooth and light running
Because C-Lube does not come in direct contact with the track rail, smooth and light sliding with no increase of frictional resistance has been achieved.
High cost performance
Price reduction is achieved by redesigning of the structure, including ball circulation section, without impairing the basic performance.
Stainless Steel Made
Stainless steel is used for steel components, so that they are resistant to rust and suitable for applications where rust prevention oil is not preferred, and applications in cleanroom environment.
Ball retained type
The slide unit incorporates the ball retaining band, which prevents the ball from dropping down when the slide unit is removed from the track rail, making it easy to handle.


Shape Length of slide unit Size
7 9 12
Standard type Standard
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