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IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV MV

IKO C-Lube Linear Way MV MV

IKOC-Lube Linear Way MV has the maximum downward load rating among the ball types while achieving high load capacity, despite its extra low profile and light weight. It realizes long term maintenance free as the slide unit has a built-in lubrication part C-Lube.


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Product Features

Low profile/light weight
Super low profile/super light weight achieved solely because of simple two-row four-point contact structure will contribute to compactification and driving power reduction of machine or device.
High load capacity/high rigidity
Despite the extra low profile and extra light weight, it has the maximum downward load rating among the ball types, and large load capacity and high rigidity which contribute to long life and increase safety of machine or device.
Ball retained type
The slide unit incorporates the ball retaining band, which prevents the ball from dropping down when the slide unit is removed from the track rail, making it easy to handle.
Maintenance free
Since the lubrication oil inside C-Lube maintains the lubrication performance for a long time, it reduces the annoying lubricating management works.


Shape Length of slide unit Size
20 25 30
Standard type Standard
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