Precision Positioning Table Series

IKO Rotary Table RT

IKO Rotary Table RT

Rotary Table RT is a high-speed and high precision rotary positioning table without backlash or lost motion, using a DD servo actuator replacing the existing combination mechanism of reduction gears and an actuator. Rotary Table RT consists a of DD motor, high resolution optical encoder and roller bearings supporting them. Roller bearings can receive load from every direction and have achieved compactization and smooth rotation by using IKOCrossed Roller Bearings proven in the industrial robot field.
In addition, the product can be used as a highly accurate positioning mechanism for semiconductor manufacturing devices and image processing testing and inspection equipment by combining an XY-θ table with a Precision Positioning Table.


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Product Features

High-speed/high-accuracy positioning is possible
Adopting the DD servo actuator enables both high speed revolution of maximum number of revolution of 2.5 r/sec and high accuracy of positioning repeatability of ±5 sec.
A high resolution optical encoder is adopted
The number of encoder fraction sizes has super resolution capability of 655,360 interpolations. The minimum rotational angle of approx. 2 sec can support the use for fine rotary positioning.
Compact and smooth rotation
By using Crossed Roller Bearings for bearings, parallelism of table's upper surface by rotation is small, thus allowing smooth operation.
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