Needle Roller Bearing Series

IKO Roller Followers

IKO Roller Followers


  • Separable Roller Followers
  • Non-separable Roller Followers(High carbon steel made, stainless steel made)
  • Heavy Duty Type Roller Followers


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Product Features

IKORoller Followers are bearings designed for outer ring rotation, in which needle rollers are incorporated in a thick walled outer ring. Both crowned and cylindrical outer rings are available. The outer rings run directly on mating track surfaces, and the crowned outer ring is effective in relieving the edge load caused by mounting errors. The cylindrical outer ring, on the other hand, has a large contact area with the mating track surface and is suitable for applications involving large loads or low track surface hardness. In Roller Followers, there are two types of bearings available, the caged type and the full complement type. The caged type is useful for applications at high-speed rotation. The full complement type, on the other hand, is suitable for heavy-load applications at low-speed rotation or oscillating motions. Roller Followers include separable and non-separable types. Also, in addition to the open type, shield type and sealed type are available. The clearances between the side plates and outer ring of the shield type are narrow, and form labyrinths. In the sealed, special synthetic rubber seals are assembled in these clearances, and they are effective in preventing penetration of dust and dirt. These bearings are available in a variety of types to suit almost any kind of application. They are widely used for cam mechanisms and for linear motions of conveying equipment.