Needle Roller Bearing Series

IKO C-Lube Roller Followers NART./jp/eg/product/SG

IKO C-Lube Roller Followers NART./jp/eg/product/SG

These Roller Followers are lubricated with a thermosetting solid-type lubricant (C-Lube) which fills the inner space of the bearing.
C-Lube is lubricant made of a lot of lubrication oil and fine particles of high molecular polyolefin that are solidified by heat treatment, which oozes out onto the raceway in proper quantities as the bearing rotates, maintaining the lubrication performance for a long period of time.


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Product Features

C-Lube Roller Followers are Roller Followers with needle rollers imcorporated in thick outer rings, designed for rotation of the outer ring. They are a maintenance free product with bearing inner space filled with C-Lube, an IKO original thermosetting solid-type lubricant.


C-Lube Roller Followers NART./jp/eg/product/SG Features
  1. Reduced use of lubrication oil
    Because regular lubrication is no longer required, the amount of lubrication oil used can be reduced. This allows the reduction of oiling work as well.
  2. Ideal for applications where oil is undesirable
    Because the lubrication oil is retained within the bearing inner space, there is no oil leakage and no contamination of the surroundings with oil splashes.
  3. Reduced lubrication equipment cost
    Because lubrication equipment is no longer required, equipment design and maintenance costs do not arise. As well, the space formerly occupied by lubrication equipment can be put to effective use.