IKO Technology

High quality, high performance products manufactured by IKO.

Capillary Technology

"C-Lube," IKO's original lubricating part, using the capillary action (capillarity).
"C-Lube" can minimize the quantity of required lubricant and realize maintenance-free products.
"C-Lube" can greatly contribute to the environment of the earth.
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Interchange Specification

Due to IKO's unique and high machining technology and strict dimensional management of slide units and track rails, unparalleled highly interchangeable products can be realized. You can order whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want.
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Small Sizing

Simple structure and compact design based on proprietary down-sizing technology. Even in case of extremely small size products, high performance and high quality are realized.
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Roller Technology

In comparison with ball bearings, rollers have minimal elastic deformations in terms of load. Taking full advantage of these characteristics, smooth operation, high reliability, high rigidity, and high accuracy were realized.
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Extra Long Unit

IKOhave greatly improved the load capacity and run-outs of the long unit by extending conventional long units without changing the sectional dimensions. This can downsize the guide mechanism and improve the performance without re-designing the units.
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Special Environments

With IKO's special ideas and experiences, IKOhave lineups of various products for special environments. You can select products fit for your requirement.

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