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Needle Roller Bearing Series

IKO Standard Cam Followers CF

IKO Standard Type Cam Follower CF

This is the basic form of cam follower. Line up of size variations range from stud diameters of minimum 3 mm to maximum 30 mm, and they can be used for a very broad range of applications.


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Product Features

Oil can be supplied from the stud head portion of IKO Cam Follower with Hexagon Sockets

It possesses high rigidity and accuracy as guide roller for follower bearing and linear motion of cam mechanism so it is broadly used in machine tools, industrial robots, electronic parts and OA (Office Automation) equipment.
When compared with general screwdriver groove, since secure tightening can be performed with a hexagon bar spanner, workability of the assembly can be improved.
In addition, by the adoption of IKO's original grease supplying structure, grease up can be made from the stud head portion, and a free design unprejudiced by the grease supplying direction is possible.


Model of bearing Shape of outer ring outside surface Seal structure Identification number Size
3 4 5 6 8 10 10-1 12 12-1 16 18 20 20-1 24 24-1 30 30-1 30-2
High Carbon Steel-made Standard Cam Followers CF…B Crowned outer ring Shield type CFBR
Sealed type CFBUUR
Cylindrical outer ring Shield type CFB
Sealed type CFBUU
Stainless Steel-made Standard Cam Followers CF…FB Crowned outer ring Shield type CFFBR - - - - -
Sealed type CFFBUUR
- - - - -
Cylindrical outer ring Shield type CFFB - - - - -
Sealed type CFFBUU - - - - -

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