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Needle Roller Bearing Series

IKO High Rigidity Type Crossed Roller Bearings CRBH

IKO High Rigidity Type Crossed Roller Bearings CRBH

Both the inner ring and the outer ring are made into an integrated structure (Inseparable), and attachment errors hardly occur. It boasts high accuracy and high rigidity. Furthermore, since separators are built between the rollers, the revolution is smooth and it is also suitable for places where the revolution speed is comparatively high.


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Product Outline

IKOCrossed Roller Bearing is a bearing with compact structure in which the rollers are arranged so that they cross between the inner ring and the outer ring. Since the rolling surface is line contact, elastic displacement based on bearing load is extremely minimal, and in addition, it is able to receive complicated loads consisting of radial load, axial load, and moment at the same time.
This bearing is broadly used in revolving parts that require compactness, high rigidity, and revolution accuracy such as industrial robots, machine tools, and medical equipment.
Furthermore, we also manufacture bearings made of stainless steel, and those with attachment holes in inner and outer rings, so please make inquiries at IKO.

Internal Structure and Shape


Rollers are alternately crossed at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings which have a solid one-piece construction. Separaators are incorporated between the cylindrical rollers fro smooth rotation.


Crossed Roller Bearings include the open type and sealed type. The sealed type bearing incorporates seals made of special synthetic rubber.



IKO Crossed Roller Bearings have abundant line-ups in series such as with cage, with separator, open type, and closed (sealed) type.
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