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Needle Roller Bearing Series

C-Lube Unit for Cam Followers CL

C-Lube Unit for Cam Followers CL

New Concept! Track Surface is also made Maintenance-Free!!


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Product Features

IKO C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower is a lubricating part attached to the cam follower. Since lubricating oil which is indispensable to the outside diameter surface of the cam follower outer ring and track surface is supplied, periodical oil supplying is not required. It realizes a long period maintenance free operation of the track surface.

Before Oil Impregnation After Oil Impregnation
Resin particles are fusion bonded and there are lots of empty spaces. Lubricating oil is held in the spaces of the resin particles.


It can be easily attached to the equipment which is currently used!
C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower CL can be easily attached by tightening it together with the cam follower.
C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower CL can be used with conventional equipment structure as it is by merely wiping off the foreign matter on the opposing track surface lightly with a rag.
Since the capillary lubricating body is impregnated with high quality lubrication oil equivalent to JIS K2213, even if general machine oil exists near the place of installation, it can be used as it is.
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